Spring has Sprung and A New Venture

Spring is finally here! After that painfully long, depressing winter I can finally retire my winter boots! Toronto winter is usually pretty cold and snowy, but this one sort of topped them all. I honestly haven’t seen a winter like this in my entire life! I know other cities also experienced strange weather patterns so I shouldn’t be too dramatic about our snowy pile…but it was brutal!!

The good weather always makes me happy and excited and I¬†have a lot of things to be happy and excited about! One of these things is my newest venture Make Lovely Creative Styling and Design! The past year brought a lot of change with it and in between holding down a full-time job, working on my hobby, Puff Piece Adornments, planning my wedding and trying to figure out where to put my efforts and focus I have had a lot of moments of just plain frustration and feeling like I might not be cut out to pursue a creative business. I like a lot of different things, I am interested in a lot of different things, but I can’t do everything and I realized that there needs to be some focus in order for there to be success. I thought about what I could do that would incorporate my many interests in a cohesive way and alas, Make Lovely was born! A styling and design service with a focus on handmade! It totally incorporates the things I love; vintage hunting, crafts/DIY, photography, styling, decorating, staging, blogging and even the furniture refinishing can still be a part of it!

Make Lovely Collage


They all work together to create lovely wedding, party, special event and interior decor! A good friend of mine, Jelena Pticek who runs Poppyseed Creative Living, is going to be helping out as a contributor and sharing her small business knowledge with me. We have been hammering out the details, doing some fun photo shoots, drinking coffee, and hibernating over the long winter and this is our official launch!

I am super excited to start this new journey and I would love if you would check out the site! I will be blogging over at Make Lovely and here at Everything You Do Is A Balloon so add both to your blogroll if you want to keep up with what’s happening. Also, check out the Make Lovely Pinterest boards, Twitter and Facebook page.

What are you pursing this year? What exciting things are happening for you this spring? Please share!



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